"healing for Shirley is a way of life...

Shirley’s approach to healing is very realistic, allowing her clients to continue on with everyday life without setting ridiculous limitations that most of us find too extreme to follow. She has treated my partner, our children, our pets and, of course, me. Our children are now adults and they still have regular consults with her, I feel a great sense of achievement that they have carried this practice on into their adulthood lives. "

C. - 47 y.o. female Bulleen


Dear Shirley You are better than any doctor I know. I loved how you treated me, you fixed all my problems and the medicine you gave me tasted just like water, which I really like. And you helped my Dad so now he can play games with me more. Thank you.
From Toby.
( All his own words… 7 year old boy Macedon)


"thank you for your absolute ongoing support & wisdom in my ongoing health crisis, now new health & life
spiritual direction...

Thank you, how can I thank you,
there are no words really!"

J. - 31 y.o. female Daylesford


 "I am 47 years old and was diagnosed via Laparoscopy with Adenomyosis, 4 years ago....

I was told that I ran a high risk of Uterine cancer and a Hysterectomy was necessary. I decided to seek the help of Shirley Lovell in November of last year. She put me on a strict regime of Homeopathics, Herbs and Dietary change. In January this year an Ultrasound showed the Uterine lining had reduced by a small amount. In April another Ultrasound showed it had reduced by half. There is no longer a need for a Hysterectomy as the pain and bleeding are now minimal and the cancerous risk is gone. I visit Shirley each 6 weeks to discuss my progress and to monitor any change. I have been very happy with my successful treatment by Shirley and would highly recommend her to everyone."

J. - 48 year old female Bendigo


"Shirley has been my health practitioner for over 20 years and has helped me maintain an optimum level of well being. I’ve learnt a lot too and never cease to be amazed at how we respond to natural therapies in a simple but very profound way. No matter what the health issue Shirley always has everything at hand. Her deep knowledge and extensive experience diagnose the core problem. Elderly people in my family have been helped too, with problems such as the side effects of medical drugs and maintaining comfortable eye health – helping to experience a quality of life through a safe and gentle approach. I am grateful that a potentially serious thyroid problem has been managed over a number of years and continues to show positive results. Shirley’s professional skills have enabled her to work with medical results from my doctor. Shirley puts the wellness of the patient first to get the best results possible. How lucky we are to have such a dedicated healer who cares about us all."

 C - 62 year old female Daylesford

A subtle yet profound system of healing whereby the remedy is prescribed to match the client picture or vibration. The remedy is given in an infinitesimal dose which resonates with and assists in balancing the energy of the person.

These are vibrational essences which match the emotional and energetic energy of each person. They very gently restore harmony. 

I use these to assist in specific nutrition of various body parts or systems. My philosophy is that the body needs to be nourished and restored while harmony is being re-established within the system.  

I use this as a back-up diagnostic tool to establish where stresses, toxins and over or under-functioning occur within the body.



One hour $90

Three Quarter hour $80

Half hour $70

All $5 less with concession


As I am not working in the Daylesford clinic as much all bookings must be by prior appointment only.  If I can't see you at the Daylesford clinic, for clients I know, I offer either phone or Skype follow on appointments. 



Robyn is our very friendly, helpful and efficient receptionist and general 'fantastic' person to have around. Nothing is too much trouble.


Gracie, our little 'rescue' dog, sometimes comes to work with me and gently snores under the desk, occasionally showing herself for a pat or a treat. 
Sadly, our beautiful Gracie has passed over. We miss 
her gentle snoring and her sweet heart!